Yoda Hosting

Yoda is software built on top of iRODS to facilitate certain data flows. We offer the Yoda Hosting service using Yoda; you can read more about the service within these pages.

iRODS Hosting

With iRODS you control the secure sharing of data, metadata management and workflow automation, ensuring that you can comply with the data management policies of your institution. SURF takes the hosting tasks off your hands, such as security, back-up, archiving, and updates. In addition, iRODS Hosting provides access to SURF's various data storage facilities (both online and offline).

iRODS Storage Scale Out

With the iRODS Storage Scale Out service, you can expand the storage space of your institution according to your needs. For example, for storing large datasets or data that is not actively used, the SURF Data Archive can be used as an iRODS storage resource. The iRODS based service can be configured using the SURF Data Archive and/or the SURF Object store as an additional storage resource. Does your institution have a data management platform that is based on the iRODS technology? Then researchers will have seamless access to storage solutions of SURF via this platform.

Here you will find additional documentation for this service. Note that the documentation presented here is mostly meant for iRODS admins. If you do not know if you are an iRODS admin, you probably are not.