What is iRODS?

The Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS) is open-source data management software developed and maintained by the iRODS consortium, of which SURF is a member. With iRODS you control the secure sharing of data, metadata management and workflow automation, ensuring that you can comply with the data management policies of your institution. At SURF, we offer three services based on iRODS - iRODS hosting, Yoda hosting, and a storage scale-out option, as described below. 

RDM Services at SURF

iRODS Hosting

We offer hosted iRODS environments, managing tasks such as security, back-ups, archiving and updates on your behalf. iRODS hosting also provides access to the various data storage facilities available at SURF, both online (disk storage) and offline (tape backend).

Yoda Hosting

Yoda is a research data management application built on top of iRODS to facilitate certain data flows. We offer a hosting service for Yoda, which you can read more about within these pages.

iRODS Storage Scale-Out

Does your institution have a data management platform that is based on the iRODS technology? With the iRODS storage scale-out service, you can expand the storage space of your institution with seamless access to the storage solutions at SURF. For example, the SURF Object Store could be configured as an additional storage resource, or the SURF Data Archive could be chosen as a cost-effective tape backend for large or infrequently accessed datasets.

iRODS Community Edition (iCE) Hosting

Currently in pilot phase, we are exploring the concept of a platform to offer a simplified and shared (community) iRODS instance to multiple independent research groups, each of which would have their own secured project space. More information can be found here.

Learn More

For more information about Yoda or iCE, please refer to those sections of our user knowledge base.

This section is dedicated to iRODS and targeted specifically to iRODS admins:

You can also find a wealth of general information about iRODS in the iRODS documentation.