Several communities and forums in The Netherlands work together to keep Research Data Management (RDM) rolling across research institutes in the country.

We often receive questions about what is done where, so this is a compendium of the ones we are actively involved in from the iRODS and Yoda perspective.

  • Yoda Consortium: the governing entity around the Yoda software. To be formalised in March 2023.
  • RDM TEC: a community effort around Yoda and iRODS applied for research institutions, to align service development and roadmaps, including specific working groups a monthly get-together.
  • U2Connect: a recurring event to showcase and discuss RDM solutions or applied use cases from a more technical perspective
  • RDNL: a Dutch coalition of RDM service providers to discuss and promote best practices in the RDM discipline. We are especially active delivering the Essentials for Data Support course, mainly targeted at personnel working in data support at research institutions.
  • iRODS Consortium: the governing entity around the iRODS software. SURF and several other Dutch universities are members.

You can reach out through our Helpdesk if you would like more information.

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