The YODA Research Data Management service is developed at Utrecht University and is used by multiple organizations, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Yoda is an application that works on top of iRODS, open source Data Management Software developed and maintained by the iRODS consortium of which SURF is a member. SURF also offers hosted iRODS environments and a storage scale-out service based on iRODS technology. 

With this service, researchers and data managers of these institutes can benefit from Yoda without the administrative burden or the need to invest in additional expertise. In addition, SURF sees a lot of value in harmonizing data management tools to work towards a common, federative infrastructure for all SURF members and their research partners.

Designated administrators at every institute are responsible, as local Yoda administrators, for managing categories, metadata templates and research groups, user access, and determining quotas within their allocated environment.

Getting Started

If you are a researcher or research data management support at one of the institutes (see list above), please contact your local research support office. Otherwise, please contact the SURF Service Desk.


SURF expects that each organization that uses the Yoda Hosting service and offer it to its own users has a support team that is able to help those users.

Therefore "support" in this context means the assistance that SURF offers to each organization's support team, not directly to the users of that organization.

For large organizations, like universities, where the support team may consist of tens of data stewards and IT experts, SURF agrees with the organization on identifying a limited number of administrators that will be considered the official contact points for any communication between SURF and the organization, at least at technical level. Any request for changes or notification of issues should be submitted only by those administrators to SURF via the SURF Service Desk.