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  1. Object Store: How to use the service

    . At boto3 has information on how to use it. kb-how-to-article … are equal to Default. In order to be able to use the S3 protocol, you need to get to create so-called EC2 credentials, i.e. an access key and a secret key. How
    SURF User Knowledge BaseJul 10, 2024
  2. SURFdrive Backup policy

    are made every 24 hours and the Recovery Point Objective is 24 hours.  kb-how-to-article
    SURF User Knowledge BaseJul 01, 2024
  3. Issues en storingen Handige links Release blog kb-how-to-article
    SURF User Knowledge BaseJun 20, 2024
  4. Stappenplan aansluiten op CopyrightCheck (n.b. de datums staan op de 2e pagina van het formulier) Handige links Dienstverleningsovereenkomst en Privacy kb-how-to-article
    SURF User Knowledge BaseMay 02, 2024
  5. Yoda hands-on first steps yoda tutorials irods kb-how-to-article … some information about that dataset (i.e.: some metadata), but you know you want to use the data in the dataset. By the end of the exercise you will know how
    SURF User Knowledge BaseJun 03, 2024
  6. Best Practice for Data Formats in Deep Learning

    snellius data dataset packed pytorch python kb-how-to-article compression image png jpeg lmdb hdf5 h5 zip tar petastorm tfrecords favourite … to: Disk quota exceeded For who: Any user saving and loading data (on Snellius) and requiring the data to be loaded quickly in their pipeline How
    SURF User Knowledge BaseJun 10, 2024
  7. Dienstverleningsovereenkomst en Privacy

    . dvo dienstverleningsovereenkomst verwerkersovereenkomst privacy kb-how-to-article
    SURF User Knowledge BaseApr 15, 2024
  8. nvtop

    . NVTOP_ex1.png gpu lisagpu kb-how-to-article … If you are running a GPU job and you want to know how your application is using resources., you can make use of the tool nvtop. This source of the tool
    SURF User Knowledge BaseNov 30, 2023
  9. PyCharm and other JetBrains IDEs for remote development

    labels. Related issues kb-how-to-article … -gnome Configuring your ssh connection to the batch nodes In order to be able to run the PyCharm backend on a batch node, PyCharm needs to know how to connect
    SURF User Knowledge BaseOct 16, 2023
  10. iBridges for iRODS hands-on first steps

    : tutorials irods kb-how-to-article ibridges … as though you are a scientist or a data steward. 1. Finding and reusing existing data This exercise will teach you how to search for and download datasets
    SURF User Knowledge BaseNov 01, 2023