SURFdrive does not provide backups for erroneously deleted or modified files. However, there is a trashbin and versioning functionality in the application. This can be used to retrieve such files. In case you accidentally remove data files, you can retrieve the deleted files through the web environment of SURFdrive. In your home, click "Deleted files" in the bottom left corner. Select the files or folders you would like to restore and press "Restore". The grace period were the data is kept in the trashbin depends on the removal policy (verwijderpolicy) of your institute. If you have further questions about the removal policy of your data, please contact the ICT helpdesk at your institute.

For SURFdrive, we do make disaster recovery backups. In case of a disaster or hardware failure, we use our disaster recovery backup for retrieving the data. These disaster backups are made every 24 hours and the Recovery Point Objective is 24 hours.