Online shared-storage environment with one view on the data

Does your research team need large storage quotas, and work collaboratively with other educational and governmental institutions or external private parties? Research Drive is a cloud-based shared-storage environment specifically designed for these requirements.

Safe and structured data sharing

The research community has an increasing need for data sharing in a safe and structured manner. This is because of the globalized nature of their work and outreach of the community, where interoperability and flexibility is required to accommodate hybrid scenario’s.

One view on data

Research Drive enables smooth access to multiple storage environments and creates one view on data. In other words: the service offers the possibility to connect to various external file systems, such as local file servers, SURFdrive, Object Store, Dropbox, and Google Drive, whilst accessing the total environment from one common workspace. Hence creating a complete storage eco-system for researchers. The service will also offer a connection to tools such as Matlab, R-studio, and SPSS.

Data stewardship

Researchers access the service through a user-friendly interface. Institutes and researchers that are using other SURF services can use the same credentials for Research Drive. For institutions and large research projects where own branding is required, we offer a fully hosted institutional instance with the autonomy to configure the environment to your own requirements. A data steward is responsible for managing and creating folder structures, user access, and determining quotas within his/her allocated environment.

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