As a scientist, you can use your institutional credentials to authenticate yourself, so you do not need to remember yet another password. This is made possible by SURFconext and SRAM.

First time

Before you can login to SURF Research Cloud itself, you will have to be a member of a SRAM Collaboration ("CO") that is tied to SURF Research Cloud.

When you are new to Research Cloud, our service desk will create the first SRAM-CO for you.

But your institution might be able to create the CO for you, too.

In the course of the creation of this initial CO an invitation e-mail will be sent to you.

To get on board, accept this invitation.

SRAM gives a detailed description of the onboarding process.

You might want to open that page and keep it open while you follow along.

Logging in

Basically, this is what happens:

  1. You open the Research Cloud portal in your browser.
  2. The Research Cloud "Login" button directs you to SURFconext.
  3. SURFconext asks you for your institute and directs you to your institutes Single Sign On page. (If you need more information about SURFconext or your institute as an identity provider please refer to the SRAM at SURFconext page.)
  4. You authenticate with your institute's credentials. If your institute is not (yet) connected to SRAM, then you can use the EduID provider from that list, instead of your institute's.
  5. After a successful login with your institute or EduID, you are redirected to SRAM to check and confirm the data that will be transferred.
  6. You are directed back to the Research Cloud and can start working.

Next time you log in, some steps will be skipped. But you will see redirections in your browser.


Your CO-membership may come combined with a budget that you can use for resources on Research Cloud.

If not, see on this next page how you can get a budget.

Lost password procedure

The Research Cloud does not know your login credentials, the SURFconext login procedure makes sure of that.

As a consequence, we cannot help you when you lost your password - you will have to follow the lost password procedure of your institute (or EduID).

I have left the institute

When you are no longer connected to your institute, your login will stop to work and you will not be able to access your data or workspaces. 

In that situation, we have no way of knowing what the legal consequences are for the ownership of the data or your access to the resources. 

Please contact our service desk to resolve the situation.

EduID is offered by SURF. It is an institute-independent service that provides one consistent identity to you, even if you change institutes. Creating an account takes just a few minutes. You can preferably base the account on a long-term private e-mail address of yours.