On Research Cloud, a wallet represents the fact that a user has credits to spend on running workspaces.
A wallet is funded by a contract you can make with SURF, which can take the form of an NWO grant (see for more information here: https://www.surf.nl/en/apply-for-access-to-compute-services), or otherwise, you or your institution can make specific contracts with SURF.

Requesting a wallet

When you are logged in to the Research Cloud portal, one of the Quick actions available is "Request a new wallet".

Click on "REQUEST".

A window is shown in which you can specify

  • a description (mainly for your own reference, later on)
  • the id of the contract that the new wallet is based on
  • and/or remarks that will help SURF to identify the funding source of the new wallet.

After having filled in the required information and clicking "REQUEST" your browser will return to the portal's home page, without an on-screen confirmation. SURF will have to take manual steps to process your request, and those steps may require asking for permission from the contract owner to grant you access.

Your request automatically creates a ticket in SURF's servicedesk on your behalf. You will be notified of this ticket by e-mail. From that moment on, updates and further communication with you and possibly the contract owner about this request will take place via that same helpdesk ticket.

Which resources you can actually use with a wallet depends on the contract the budget is coming from. For instance, all NWO-funded contracts can only fund the use of SURF's own "HPC Cloud" cloud provider. Other (public) clouds will need different contracts with specific budgets.

Using a wallet

Once you have been assigned a wallet, you will see in the portal that the Quick action "Create new workspace" is enabled on the Dashboard, and that under the Wallets section you have one wallet.

You can now create workspaces that draw from your new wallet. When proceeding to create a workspace you will see that you can select your new wallet for that workspace.

If you already had other wallets and requested a new one, you will see that the new wallet has been added to the other selectable wallets.