1. By storing data on the SURF Data Archive, the users agree to comply with the policies of the service. If these policies, its requirements or the users’ responsibilities are unclear please raise a request at the SURF Service Desk
  2. Users of the Data Archive are required to keep their average file size above 1GB.
    1. You can use the dsbudgetinfo tool to check if you have written too many small files
    2. In case you have too many small files you can use a tool (we strongly advise to use the dmftar tool) to pack those files without having to download them. 
  3. Users are required to stage their data before retrieving it from the archive. Data on the archive is stored on magnetic tapes, which are sequential access media. Retrieving files individually (without staging them first) is both resource-intensive and time-consuming and therefore not allowed.

  4. If a user or project folder violates the acceptable use policy on file sizes stated above, a notification will be sent to the e-mail address(es) associated with the folder with a request to change the file creation behaviour
    1. If the contents of the project/user folder are not changed to comply with the policy above, the system will restrict write access to the archive. The user(s) will still be able to access existing data but will not be able to store additional data until the folder is again compliant with the policy
    2. In the case of a group folder, SURF can suspend write permission for all group members until the folder is corrected.