We have changed the naming convention for persistent volumes. 
From February 2024 onward, persistent volumes are not called “volume_2”, “volume_3”, […], anymore.

Instead, the volume name that the user gave is used. A sanitized version of the name, that is.

Legacy components and catalog items

You may have created components that assume a volume being called “volume_2”.
Typically, the Ansible code then contains a literal string “volume_2”.
Existing workspaces created with that component keep working fine.
However, for new workspaces the component will break because the name “volume_2” does not exist, anymore.

How to fix

You can make sure that your component does not break.
Overwrite the parameter “volume_mount_no_name”, in the catalog item that uses the component.
The default value is “false”. If you overwrite it with “true” the old naming convention for volumes is used.
The catalog item will then find the persistent volume with the name “volume_2”.

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