• You will need a mobile phone (work or private) that can receive SMS text messages.
  • You will need access to your institutional e-mail account.

Your institution determines

  • which tokens you can register
  • how many tokens you can register
  • how to activate a token

So you may not be able to choose some tokens or activation methods.


Handle your phone with care

  • Your phone is private, do not share your phone with others.
  • Never leave your phone unattended.
  • Lock your phone, e.g. with a code or fingerprint.


  • Please visit the Registration Portal and start a new token registration.
  • Choose SMS and register the phone you want to use for future logins.
  • Follow the instructions in the Registration Portal.
  • Done registering your token? Then you still have to activate your token. Depending on your situation or the requirements of your institution, you must choose an activation method, or you will immediately see instructions for the method that is right for you:
    • Activate yourself; you do this by choosing a recovery method (SMS or recovery code).
    • Activate at a service desk. Do this within 14 days, because your activation code expires after 14 days
    • Activate with an existing token.
  • Having trouble? Please read our manual


When accessing a service that requires two-step authentication,

  • Please click 'Send code' and you will receive a one-time pass code via SMS on the mobile number you have registered before.
  • Enter the one-time pass code in the field that is shown in your browser.
  • Code expired? Please request a new code and try again.
  • Maximum number of codes exceeded? Please contact your IT Helpdesk voor support.

Replace and remove

  • Please visit the Registration Portal and remove your token registration. This way no one can take advantage of your token.
  • If necessary you can register a new token.


Please read our FAQ for more info.

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