This section contains information on what can be requested as support and how to contact us for specific topics.

Problem accessing the OSSC from the CBS RA environment

Users with problems in accessing the CBS RA environment or with the tools provided in the CBS environment (e.g: Putty, WinSCP), should contact the CBS Microdata Services directly ( For more contact information, please refer to the CBS contact page here.

SURF is not responsible for the RA environment and its configuration. 

Errors and problems with the environment

If you have any problem or technical questions about the environment, you can fill in a ticket within our Servicedesk portal selecting "ODISSEI Secure Supercomputer" as servicePlease make sure to clearly mention in the ticket that you are using the OSSC environment and the project number you have been associated with.

Since it is not possible to copy and paste text from within the environment, we suggest to save any error or message related to the problem in a file on the system, so that can be more easily analysed by one of the support team. 

Adding a new user to a running OSSC project

Multiple users can be part of the same OSSC project.

Requests to create a login for a new user in a running project should go to CBS Microdata Services ( or CBS contact page here). The new user should first get access to the CBS RA environment, then CBS and SURF will allow the connection from the CBS RA environment to the OSSC for his login.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my jobs when the end date of the compute environment is reached?

When the end date of the compute environment is reached, the environment is shut down and the nodes are not reachable from the OSSC anymore. As a consequence, all Slurm jobs still running at that time will be killed, and all Slurm jobs in the queue will be cancelled.

Is it possible to cancel the compute environment reservation before the planned end date?

Because your jobs finished earlier than expected, or you do not need to run some of your simulation anymore, you may want to cancel the compute environment reservation to save some compute budget. Unfortunately it is not possible for you to cancel a compute environment yourself at the moment. However you can contact us via our Servicedesk portal using "OSSC cancel reservation" in the summary and selecting "ODISSEI Secure Supercomputer" as service, to request the cancellation of your compute environment. We will try to do it as soon as we can (during working hours). Please attach the original "OSSC Secure Virtual Cluster request" form to your request.

The Intel toolchain (compilers, mpi, mkl) does not work in the OSSC.

At the present, the Intel toolchain does not work in the OSSC, as the license server cannot be accessed from within the secure environment. We are working on a solution to make it available in the future, for the moment please rely on software compiled with the foss (Free Open Source Software) toolchain.

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