Software policy on Snellius

Software policy

Please read the software policy here.

Software building 

Software policy

We have a tutorial on how to use easybuild here 

Software available on the Snellius system

The software installed on Snellius can be listed via the module avail command. For example, in order to view all of the software installed on the system under the 2023 module environment you would need to issue the following commands:

module load 2023
module avail

Other helpful module commands to investigate the software available on Snellius are: 

  • module avail <package>
  • whereis <package>
  • which <package>
  • man <package>
  • info <package>

Read more about how to use the module system here.

All modules in our software environments are built with EasyBuild.  You can read more about EasyBuild on our systems here.

In accordance with our software policy:

  • the 2023 software stack is the Production stack and is fully supported
  • the 2022 software stack is the Previous Production stack, it only has limited support
  • the 2021 software stack is now Deprecated and provided as-is without support
  • older software stacks are no longer present

If you are in need of a piece of software but you could not find it with one of the commands above, or if you think that an installed software package needs to be upgraded, please let us know (but please, check our software policy first).

Operating system


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