In order to use SANE to analyse sensitive data, it is currently required that you first contact the data provider from which you require the data. Once it is agreed upon that you are in fact authorised to work with the data, you are able to make use of SANE. The first step is for the researchers to request a Collaborative Organisation (CO) to which you will be invited (see Requesting a SANE project).

As a researcher you will become part of a Collaborative Organisation. Contact your data provider if that is not the case yet.

As mentioned in Working with sensitive data there are two types of analysis environments that you can conduct your research in: 1) Tinker SANE, 2) Blind SANE. The main difference between the two is that in Tinker you can see the sensitive data on your virtual desktop, but in Blind you cannot. Depending on the data provider you will have access to either or both types of environment. There is a difference in working between these two environments so we have separate the instructions:

  1. Tinker SANE
  2. Blind SANE

Click on the above links to get started.

Available compute

SANE environments are launched via SURF Research Cloud. The environments are run on SURF's on-premise cloud infrastructure: SURF HPC Cloud. In the future, we expect to make use of secure environments offered by public cloud vendors, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are also working on executing SANE environments on on-premise infrastructure available at the data provider.

The HPC Cloud flavours are listed here: Keep in mind not all flavours are activated for SANE. If you wish to include more flavours please contact our servicedesk (service category: Research Cloud).

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