You can create a yoda server in research cloud portal using the application yoda. This catalog item will install irods, davrods and yoda portal on a centos 7 vm. 

You can choose from two possible choices: "Yoda server" or "Yoda server with test data".  The catalog item "Yoda server" will create a yoda server without any test data or users and groups. The catalog item "Yoda server with test data" will create some users and groups in order to test and get acquainted with yoda. Information on these users can be found here.

The Yoda catalog item that is provided in surf research cloud only has basic features and the list of features below are not set in this app:

  • oidc 
  • email notification
  • external user service

You need to provide two CO secrets for this catalog item:

  • rods_password: the value of this secret is going to be used as irods admin user "rods" password.
  • yoda_password: If you opt for application: "yoda server with test data", the values for this secret would be used as the password of the users that will be created in this test environment. 

The secrets are provided in a dedicated tab:

  • in the Research Cloud portal, go to the "Profile" tab and choose the collaboration you want to connect,
  • further down, on the collaboration's display tile, select the "Secrets" tab.

Be aware that you need to be member of the src-developers CO group to be able to see the tab: Appoint a CO-member a developer .

You can access the yoda portal at https://<hostname>.<CO_name> (e.g.

The linux user for irods is "irods". You can check irods config if you become irods user by running "sudo su - irods".

Davrods: can be accessed at port 20198 with username and password. Anonymous Davrods can be accessed via port 20197

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