Data visualization can play an important role in research, specifically in data analysis complementing other analysis methods, such as statistical analysis. But visualization can also play a role in communication and PR.

Depending on the goal for a visualization and its intended audience different visualization styles can be used:

ParaView running inside a remote VNC desktop on a Cartesius GPU node,
showing analysis of an OpenFOAM example dataset
Same dataset, also in ParaView, but now with shadows
and different color styles to give a different look
A more abstract top view of the same geometry,
rendered in Blender


SURF supports its users on the topic of visualization with:

  • Support for performing visualization on SURF infrastructure, both for interactive visualization and batch rendering
  • Providing courses on visualization
  • Realizing targeted visualization projects for users, including software development
  • Contribute to innovation activities of SURF, such as using Virtual and Augmented Reality. This also include development of proof-of-concept and demonstrators using such possibilities.

Visualization on SURF infrastructure

Detailed information on performing visualization tasks on SURF infrastructure can be found here.