Since June 2024 we offer Matlab as a catalog item on SRC. Only users who have Matlab licenses can use this catalog item, as it is based on a “bring your own license” model. 

To use Matlab on SRC you need to create a workspace and select “Jupyter Notebook with Matlab” as the catalog item. Matlab is built in Jupyter Notebook as a kernel. Wait until the workspace is created and log in by clicking the “Access” button. 

You will see a Jupyter Notebook environment with Matlab options in the Launcher: “MATLAB Kernel” and “Open Matlab”.

MATLAB kernel

If you select “MATLAB Kernel” you will be presented with a notebook where you can run Matlab script in the same fashion as Python in a regular Jupyter Notebook. After you execute the first block of code you will be prompted to authenticate to your MathWorks account via Online License Manager. You need to do it once per session. After you authenticate, MathWorks will check whether you have a valid license. If so, your script will be executed and you can continue working with Matlab.


“Open MATLAB” tab allows to run complete MATLAB environment in your browser window. If you select “Open Matlab”, the first window will ask you to authenticate to your MathWorks account via the Online License Manager. After you authenticate, MathWorks will check whether you have a valid license. If so, a MATLAB environment will start loading in your browser window. It may take few minutes until it loads completely. 

Closing the session and releasing the license

Please, note, that if you have an individual license you can run only one MATLAB session at a time. 

After you finish working with MATLAB on your virtual machine, you need to exit your session in a proper way to release the license. 

This can be done by clicking the button responsible for the control of the MATLAB session on the top panel in the middle (see below).

In the control panel of your MATLAB session you first need to click “Stop MATLAB”. When the MATLAB status switches to “Not running” you can click “Sign out”. In this way, your license will be released and you can start a new session on a different virtual machine, if needed.

If you do not follow these steps and simply delete your virtual machine with a running MATLAB session, your license will be released in 30 minutes after the machine was deleted.