Logging in

Research Drive can be accessed online via the login page.  For Research Drive you can obtain or use credentials that are stored in the central user administration system of SURF that is also used for other SURF services. This means that for example, if you have the right to use the Lisa compute cluster, you can access Research Drive with the same credentials as your Lisa credentials. 

Storing and sharing data

Research Drive is a storage service that can be expanded according to your needs.  This service enables you to easily share your data with other Research Drive users, even at other institutions or in other countries. It is also possible to share folders and files. Moreover, you can create user groups and authorise the group members to have partial or full access to your data. Access rights (read and write rights) are allocated by means of a user-friendly, simple procedure via a web interface.

Research Drives uses the ownCloud software. For this software there are not only mobile clients available for Android and iOS but also desktop clients for Mac OSX, MS Windows and Linux. Using the desktop client you can synchronise your data between your computer and ResearchDrive.

For more information on how to store and share data, see the documentation pages of ResearchDrive and the ownCloud documentation.

Federation shares

Federation Sharing allows you to mount file shares from remote ownCloud servers. You can create direct share links with users on other ownCloud servers. You can forexample establish federated sharing between Research Drive and SURFdrive. For more information on how to do that, see the relevant video in the documentation pages of ResearchDrive.

Creating guest accounts

You can share your data with collaborators who do not have Research Drive accounts, for example international collaborators. This can be done through creating guest account functionality. This can be done by creating the guest account while sharing a folder. For detailed instructions on how to create a guest account, see the relevant video in the documentation pages.

Couple external storages

The external storage application allows you to mount external storage services. This allows you to share data residing on external storage with a user who does not have access to that storage. For more information on how to couple an external storage, see the video in the documentation pages.