This plugin is a work in progress at the moment and is still being tested.

Please check back later for more information on the CUDA plugin.

The CUDA-driver is software specifically designed for Nvidia GPU's to enable parallel processing of data.

Since CPU and GPU can cooperate to perform tasks simultaneously,  the performance of an application can increase dramatically.

The official installation guide for CUDA can be found here:

The CUDA plugin only works in conjunction with the the flavour: "GPU base - Ubuntu 18".

It needs a GPU in order to be functional. "GPU base - Ubuntu 18" is the only flavour that currently selects a physical server with a GPU.

We have created a plugin called 'CUDA' that installs these installation steps automatically on a workspace with Ubuntu 18.04.

This plugin performs the following steps:

The "RSC-External plugin" must be executed before the CUDA plugin.

When composing your applications' plugin list, make sure you select the RSC-External plugin and place it before the CUDA plugin.

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