Current versions

Valid fromDutchEnglishChanges highlighted between this and the older version
23 oktober 2018Privacy_policy_v2.2 NLPrivacy_policy_v2.2 ENNL-version / EN-version

Archive - old versions

Previous versions of the SURFconext Privacy Policy can be found below

Valid fromDutchEnglishValid untilChanges highlighted between this version and the older version
22 juli 2017Privacy Policy v2.1 NLPrivacy_policy_v2.1 EN22 oktober 2018NL-version / EN-version
nov 2016Privacy Policy v2.0Privacy Policy v2.021 Juli 2017
dec 2012Privacy Policy v1.0 NLPrivacy Policy v1.0 ENnov 2016

Voor meer informatie over privacy en SURFconext, zie ook Privacy en persoonsgegevens.

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