Researchers and students can obtain access or support to the Snellius supercomputer or the Lisa cluster in several ways:

NWO: Affiliates of one of the Dutch Universities or Grand Technology Institutes can submit an application for compute resources through NWO for large project of several years of duration or smaller (pilot) projects that require less computing resources and with a maximum duration of 1 year per request. To learn more, please visit the corresponding link on the right-hand menu.

Through your own institute (RCCS): Some institutes have direct commercial agreements with us (RCCS). They are meant for small to medium quantities of resources like CPU hours, storage etc. To check if your institute has such a contract, please visit the link on the right-hand menu.

UvA / VU: Members of the UvA and the VU can request access to the CPU island of the Lisa cluster directly. In the accompanying link, you can find the requirements for the application and the conditions

PGC: Members of the PGC (Psychiatric Genetic Consortium) can use their own form to request access to the GCC resources on the Lisa cluster

Others: We also offer other access options to our computing resources. More information on the corresponding link

Promising application programme: Apply to get expert help to improve the performance of your software, or data visualization of your results!