Frequently asked questions


It is an open and collaborative space, supported by a specialized team of expert system administrators and advisors. Within this environment, we facilitate the assessment of cutting-edge ICT technologies and methodologies.

No, it is more than a hardware-centric platform; it revolves around expertise. Although it hosts an open, local hardware infrastructure—including HPC, network, data, or cloud components, among others—its experimentation scope extends beyond its boundaries. We actively seek connections with external infrastructures, fostering cross-disciplinary partnerships and involving external stakeholders.

SURF Experimental Technologies Platform supports a diverse range of projects categorized into three distinct types: 1) novel hardware and software benchmarking, 2) workflow design and end-to-end optimization, and 3) resource provisioning and orchestration. The committee strives for a balanced distribution of projects among these categories.

SURF Experimental Technologies Platform comprises a team of expert cloud, data, network, and HPC system administrators, complemented by specialized advisors in HPC and machine learning. This dedicated support ensures that projects receive the necessary expertise and guidance for their successful development.

The installation of third-party hardware is evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure compatibility, security, and seamless integration with the existing infrastructure. If you have specific hardware you'd like to introduce, please reach out to us for a detailed discussion.

We recognize the importance of early access to privative prototypes for research and experimentation. We pursue collaborative endeavors under collective NDAs. Examples are our recent partnership with Cerebras or NextSilicon. If you're interested in exploring such opportunities, please connect with us.

How to participate

Please refer to the detailed information provided in the Call for Proposals for the year 2024, accessible here.

SURF Experimental Technologies Platform welcomes innovators, researchers, and engineers from all over the world, supporting their participation in developing and experimenting with emerging technologies and methodologies. The aim is to push the boundaries of the Dutch research landscape while contributing to the global state-of-the-art.

Of course! It is a collaborative environment, and we encourage participants to collaborate with each other on projects, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and expertise, and contributing to the success and innovation of projects within the community.

SURF Experimental Technologies Platform does not provide direct funding for projects. However, participants will benefit from proficient technical support and access to experimental facilities.

If a project is rejected, a comprehensive rebuttal will be provided, offering insights and suggestions for improvement. This ensures that a new proposal can be submitted, better aligned with the objectives of the platform.

Project guidelines

Yes. Upon the completion of a project, participants are expected to submit a report detailing the methodologies employed, results obtained, and conclusions drawn. This reporting ensures a comprehensive overview of the project outcomes and contributes to the collective knowledge within the community.

Contributors retain ownership of their intellectual property. The platform will facilitate knowledge exchange and encourage innovation while respecting the rights and contributions of individual researchers and innovators. If you have specific concerns or questions about IP related to your project, we encourage you to reach out for a personalized discussion.

Yes. Please include an acknowledgment in all publications resulting from your project using the following text: "This work has made use of resources and expertise provided by SURF Experimental Technologies Platform (SURF–ETP), which is part of the SURF cooperative in the Netherlands, under project no. SURF–ETP-<XXXX>.”

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