I can't log in to my workspace

The page Log in to your workspace takes you through the details of logging in to workspaces. Be it with TOTP (time-based-password) or using SSH.

How can I scale up my storage or my workspace's cores?

Sorry - you can't. You cannot extend storage or increase the number of cores on an existing workspace.

Instead, follow the best practices and make sure that you can re-create your working environment easily, whenever you need.

My workspace got deleted. Can you restore my workspace?

Research Cloud does not keep images of your workspace.

To be resilient in the case of unexpected events, follow the best practices.

That way, you make sure that your code and your configuration can be re-installed swiftly.

I accidentally deleted [...]. Can you restore it?

Research Cloud does not provide an automatic backup service. If something got deleted from storage, it is gone.

Make sure that your data is stored in more than one place. That way, you can respond to human and technical error.

How can I open (or close) ports?

Please refer to this documentation page to read up on networking ports.