SURF is committed to actively facing future challenges in the field of scientific research and computing with the establishment of the Experimental Technologies Platform (ETP)—an open and collaborative environment where a dedicated team of expert system administrators and advisors foster the assessment of cutting-edge ICT technologies and methodologies. The ETP focuses on optimizing complex workflows, enhancing energy efficiency, and cultivating a vibrant community of researchers and engineers developing emerging techniques. It also stimulates knowledge sharing and dissemination through various means.

While the ETP hosts an open experimental hardware infrastructure, its experimentation scope goes beyond its boundaries: it strives to connect with external infrastructures, promoting cross-disciplinary partnerships and involving external stakeholders. Thus, the ETP becomes a critical environment for Dutch research and will play a pivotal role in fostering innovation, skill development, and collaboration in advanced computing and data-driven science, as well as enabling informed decisions about future production-grade systems.

  • Are you developing an innovative workflow that needs to be evaluated, or requires support for deployment?
  • Does your project require specialized system expertise or administration that is not available on production systems?
  • Are you interested in assessing advanced computing infrastructures such as unconventional compute engines, network, or storage systems?

Then check our Call for proposals and share your needs or ideas with us in a ticket on the Servicedesk; select "Experimental Technologies Platform" from the system list.

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