EPIC PID - Obtaining an account

We are pleased to help you with gaining access to the EPIC PID service, answer your questions or assist you to specific requests you may have about the service and SURF. Please contact us through our portal.

For tests, we can provide you with an account under a test prefix. This can be used to test your procedures and handles. The handles under the test prefix are NOT permanent.

As extra functionality, we provide a reverse lookup function. Normally a handle is created and an URL is placed inside. We offer the possibility to search in the database to see if the URL is already in the database. This could prevent having 2 different handles pointing to the same URL. But that is application dependant. We call this a reverse lookup. If you are interested in this functionality we will provide you with a separate "<username>:<password>” and link.

if there are questions you can always ask them via the portal.