SURF provides the Data Repository service to securely store and publish large datasets. Users can create new deposits or collections, annotate them and upload files via the web interface or REST API.


You can get access to the service by contacting SURF via the service desk. An agreement with your institute, research group or on an individual basis is required.

Once an agreement is in place, you will get your account and details on how to use it. If you already have an account for another service, possibly this same account can be re-used for the Data Repository and specific authorisation will be added to that account.

Service login

The Data Archive system is a web-based service and requires you to login using your username and password. By visiting the website of the service, you can click on the avatar image on the upper-right corner of the page and select 'Log in' in the dropdown menu.


You will get access to a specific instance of the Data Repository, based on the agreement with SURF and the purpose of usage.

If you are participating in a test or pilot with the service, you will be granted access to the test instance:

For training or educational purposes, the training instance can be used:

For actual publications and production use, refer to the production instance:

Please note that for each instance specific authorisation is required.