This document defines the Data Producer Agreement for users uploading data files and publishing information on the Data Repository service.


The following definitions are important and used throughout the rest of this document, unless explicitly stated otherwise:

  • 'Repository' or 'service': the Data Repository service as provided by SURF
  • 'Digital Object': an entity containing metadata and possibly a bundle of files served by the Repository service
  • 'Visitor': any visitor to the site, whether registered, logged in or solely visiting anonymously
  • 'User': any registered user that is logged in
  • 'Producer': any user creating new records and uploading data to the service
  • 'Consumer': any user or visitor downloading files of a data set


Data Producers must be the rightful owner of the data they upload and publish through this Repository.

Data Producers must provide meaningful and complete metadata, including licenses, that properly describe the data contained in the newly created Digital Object.

SURF retains the right to retract a publication if this is deemed necessary.

Any damage occurred by violating this agreement by the Data Producer is for the Data Producer.

Conditions for the Data Producer

The following conditions specifically apply to the Data Producer that is using the Repository service.


With depositing a Digital Object into the Repository, the Data Producer confirms that he or she is the rightful owner of the data contained in the Digital Object.

With depositing the Digital Object into the Repository, the Data Producer grants the right to SURF to make the Digital Object available through the Repository’s website and back-end infrastructure, subject to the access permissions set by the Data Producer during or after the depositing procedure. This includes the right to copy the data for backup and security purposes.


The Data Producer will ensure that in the case of research data with human subjects that consents collected are ethically and legally appropriate and sufficient to allow deposit. These deposits are subject to the Personal Data Protection Act (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens).

In addition, all data is subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation and therefore needs to comply to the restrictions described in this regulation.

The Data Producer will inform SURF in case of of any copyright, confidentiality, privacy, data protection, defamation, or similar or related issues pertaining to the published Digital Object.


Citations must be added to the deposit in the designated text fields during the deposit workflow. These will be displayed in the relationships tab of the landing page of the Digital Object. If you are publishing large Digital Objects using the Data Archive service of SURF, the citation details will be added during the massive ingest workflow.


The Data Producer ensures that the data contained in the uploaded files contains and solely contains research data or corresponding information or documentation.

The Data Producer ensures that the data in the Digital Object is stored in an accepted file format and is accompanied with descriptive metadata, licenses and documentation to enable proper discoverability of that Digital Object.


The Data Producer accepts that the provided metadata is automatically publicly available and open accessible under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4) license.


Use of the Repository and related services and resources is at the Data Producer’s own risk.

Conditions for the Repository

The following conditions specifically apply to the Repository service and SURF.


The Repository assumes no ownership over the data deposited into the system.


The Repository is acts under the sole order of the Data Producer to store and preserve the data and metadata as initially provided.

The Repository does not assume sole responsibility for access to and availability of any Digital Object. Data Producers are allowed to make their own Digital Objects available in any means that they wish.

The Repository will take all reasonable and lawful steps to ensure that the permissions granted by the Data Producer will be enforced by the system.

The Repository will display the rights statements applied to Digital Object by the Data Producer in the landing page of that Digital Object.

Data handling

The Repository has the right to copy, transform, and store the items, as well as provide access.

The transfer of custody and responsibility handover of any Digital Object is done in accordance with the rightful owner of that Digital Object.


The Repository will ensure to the best of its ability that any Digital Object is accompanied with a default metadata set, as well as community-specific metadata or metadata by user-defined schemas if necessary. Each Digital Object will be assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and an EPIC PID. All files contained in the Digital Object will be assigned an EPIC PID and have a calculated checksum attached.

The Repository retains the right to aggregate metadata associated with the Digital Objects. It will make sure that all metadata in the Repository is publicly accessible for open access deposits.

All or parts of the metadata of open access Digital Objects are subject to being aggregated by external metadata services, such as, but not limited to, B2FIND or NARCIS. SURF has signed metadata aggregation agreements with these parties.

Object availability

The Repository will decide in agreement with the Data Producer whether a Digital Object should be retained in or removed from the system. All open access objects are available to the public by default.

If any violations of this agreement or any other national or international agreement on data privacy, publication or codes of conduct are determined, the Repository holds the right to immediately retract the Digital Object from being publicly available.


The Repository will ensure that the access permissions are enforced as defined by the Data Producer where feasible.

Further information

You will find further information related to Repository service in the User documentation.

Privacy Policy

By using our service, you consent to the privacy policy.

Updates of the document

This document is subject to change without prior informing of its users.

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