This document defines the Data Consumer Agreement for users downloading and using information published on the Data Repository service.


The following definitions are important and used throughout the rest of this document, unless explicitly stated otherwise:

  • 'Repository' or 'service': the Data Repository service as provided by SURF
  • 'Digital Object': an entity containing metadata and possibly a bundle of files served by the Repository service
  • 'Visitor': any visitor to the site, whether registered, logged in or solely visiting anonymously
  • 'User': any registered user that is logged in
  • 'Producer': any user creating new records and uploading data to the service
  • 'Consumer': any user or visitor downloading files of a data set


Data Consumers must comply with the conditions set in the copyright and license provided with the Digital Object when using or distributing it.

Data Consumers are expected to properly cite the Digital Objects they use for the results published in articles. Citations can be made using DataCite and the persistent identifiers pointing to the Digital Object landing page.


Copyright policy

The data consumer should respect any copyright related to Digital Objects, in particular when distributing or re-publishing Digital Objects. If necessary, the data consumer should contact the creator or rights-holder to the Digital Object in order to discuss the reuse of the data.

Citing and referencing

The data consumer shall always include an acknowledgement of sources, or citation, in the research results that he/she publishes where use is made of digital data originating from one of the Digital Objects published in this Repository.

Digital Objects can be cited using the DataCite method, which is recommended by SURF. In general, Digital Objects can be cited similarly as any other article. When referring to a Digital Object, make sure to provide a persistent identifier with the handle resolver service in the URL, such as the Handle.Net or DOI resolver services.

If you are citing a Digital Object published in this Repository, it is appreciated when the Data Repository is mentioned.


The data consumer is encouraged to provide the Repository with the bibliographic details of all printed or digital publications that contain data from, or are based on, data collections from the Repository.

Distribution of the Digital Object

When distributing part or all of the Digital Object to third parties, the data consumer should at all times acknowledge the source, mentioning at least the rights-holder to the Digital Object. The rights-holder to the Digital Object is the person and/or organization mentioned in the metadata of the Digital Object as 'creator'.

Any subsequent distribution by third parties must include the acknowledgement of the source. The data consumer is allowed to remix, transform or build upon the data, but only for non-commercial purposes unless specifically stated in the accompanying license.

Metadata policy for information describing Digital Objects

The metadata may be re-used in any medium without prior permission for not for-profit purposes and re-sold commercially provided the DOI or a link to the original metadata record are given.

Personal data protection

Digital Objects that contain personal information as referred to in the Personal Data Protection Act (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens) may be used only for historical, statistical or scientific research. Persons who use Digital Objects containing personal data are required to comply with the Code of Conduct for the Use of Personal Data in Scientific Research (Gedragscode voor gebruik van persoonsgegevens in wetenschappelijk onderzoek) published by the VSNU (Association of Universities in the Netherlands).

Content liability

The Repository service or SURF is in no way whatsoever liable for the content or accompanying documentation of the Digital Object. The Repository is not liable for substantive errors or for incorrect conclusions based on the data. The data consumer is requested, however, to inform SURF of any found errors immediately after discovery of these.

Compelling reasons

In the event of any compelling reasons, such as fraud or a breach of another party’s copyright, SURF has the right to prohibit the further use of the Digital Object by the data consumer.

Further information

You will find further information related to Repository service in the User documentation.

Privacy Policy

By using our service, you consent to the SURF B.V. privacy policy.

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