The Data Repository service is a web-based data publication and archiving platform that allows researchers to store, annotate and publish research data to ensure long-term preservation and availability of their datasets.

The service allows any data set to be stored, independent of volume, file size, number of files, structure or file format. A published data set is enriched with complex metadata, unique identifiers are added and the data is preserved for an agreed-upon period of time. New data can be uploaded through an online web form or via the e-infra request route thereby getting support from advisors and using the storage back-end of the service. This route is practically useful for very large data sets or ones that contain many different files.

The service is domain-agnostic and can simultaneously support multiple communities with different policy and metadata requirements.

All published datasets get their own DOI and Handle, while every file gets its own independent Handle to allow persistent reference on all levels.

For whom?

The Data Repository is accessible for researchers and institutes that want to publish research data.

For more information, see the Data Repository: FAQ.


Please refer to the user documentation for help on accessing and managing your publications:

The Data Repository manages Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) and Handles for data publications and digital objects. You can use them for data citation or persistent reference elsewhere. A data publication can be cited using the provided citations on the landing pages. You can read more about it here.

How to get access?

If you are a researcher, you can contact SURF by creating a request in our service desk.

For representatives of institutes looking for publication of a larger number of datasets, please contact us via