Using wallets

Wallets are the means through which you finance your workspaces in Research Cloud. So "wallet" is the Research Cloud-term  for an existing budget.

You may have obtained a budget through an NWO request, or as a contract between your institution and SURF.

These contracts are cloud provider specific (Amazon Web Services, SURF HPC, ...)

Based on these contracts, you can launch workspaces in the corresponding clouds.

However, contracts are something that exists outside of Research Cloud. Inside Research Cloud, wallets are the reference to these contracts.

Once you have a wallet registered on your name in Research Cloud, you will be able to use it when creating a workspace.

When starting a workspace in the Research Cloud portal, you will see a list of the wallets that are available to you.

Along with that you will be able to see how different choices of cloud provider and size can affect the remaining credit in your wallet.

When you have launched a workspace, the attached wallet will start being debited for the usage that the workspace makes.

Managing budgets and wallets


We have plans to build self-service reporting and overall functionality to manage wallets, but for the time being the is the way to go.

Our helpdesk team is in charge of handling your requests related to budgets and wallets. They can verify your details against those from the requested budget or wallet. They also make a wallet for you out of the contract that you indicated in your wallet-request.

Our helpdesk may also help with explaining wallet usage.

Sharing wallets

A wallet is always personal. However, contracts may entitle a group of people to work together, and a contract has always one responsible person to it. When a Research Cloud user requests a wallet, we always contact that responsible person to validate and agree with granting a wallet to them.

When we make a contract available to be used in Research Cloud, that contract provides a certain amount of credits. We can then create individual personal wallets that will draw from that pool of credits. As a contract owner, you can set a maximum on how many of those credits you want to assign to each wallet. We will contact you before making the wallet.